Few days before the sun

Double meaning of today’s title: it has been some time now that the village (aka Brussels) is bathing itself in the sun, with temperatures as high as 30 degrees…This means a lot of dresses and breezy clothing (yep, I can confidently say I really liked my style some of these past few days…too bad I was too lazy to take photos of it!!)

The second meaning is that I’m leaving in a few days for the European south as the first part of my summer holidays. Sunny times ahead of us :)





In the heat of the moment

Today is the hottest day of the year here -at least so far- in the village (aka Brussels).

So, I decided to take the sun with me and hang it around my neck.

As for the beach? I took the colour of the sand and put it on my culottes.

I want this day to go by quickly, the night to arrive even faster – ah..those summer nights, I’m such a big sucker for them.

Especially being in the romantic mood I’m right now….





Did I wear the curtains?

I might as well have :)

There are moments in which I channel the child within me or the ’80s or both since I’m a child of the ’80s. And then I go and find these cute jumpers that I would normally never wear outside the house.

But the weather is finally better and we all get a little softer I guess…




It’s actually very rare that I like everything about my outfit on any given date. It might be the accessories, it might be that my skirt is a little bit too short or a little bit too tight, or that when I walk you can see the stupid white socks I put on…
That’s why I was so thrilled to shoot this girl at the bus stop the other day. I loved everything about her look, the shoes, the trench, and, most of all, the posture.


City trip

As you might remember,  I spent last weekend in Hamburg. And before I left, I faced the difficult question of what to pack for a city trip that will last less than 48 hours – outfits have to be comfortable, weather-appropriate, able to take you from day to night.

I didn’t suceed.

That’s why I researched Pinterest and got some serious inspiration for the next time around…

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Ballet tricks

I’m a tall girl that recently started dating a short(er) guy.

I like him, he makes laugh, he’s handsome, he’s good at the more intimate stuff as well.

But short.

And my mom is gonna freak out :)

In addition to having to overcome the societal taboos of going out with a shorter guy, I also have to adapt my shoe collection a little bit – no more heels, yes more flats.

Flats for every occasion.

As much as we all love a good, sky-rocket high heel, I find ballet flats to be some of the most beautiful shoes one can wear.

Browsing through theoutnet.com, I think it’s a very good opportunity for me to start investing in some pairs now that it’s sales time!

I don’t know if this new relationship will work out, at least I can go stylish about it :-p


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I was at Hamburg this past weekend with my girlfriends, just for a couple of days away from the village (aka Brussels).

I’m not sure if the city is beautiful or not, I know for a fact though that it has its awkward parts (e.g. Reeperbahn str.) and its really great hipster touches (the Altona and Schanze neighbourhoods).

And of course the left non-conformist St. Pauli.

You can find great food, some really cool shopping, the cutest cafes, and one of the most delicious gin & tonics I’ve ever tried in my life.

But what I loved the most was the harbour.

I love harbours, I, myself, come from a town with a beautiful harbour, and I always spend a couple of hours walking along the docks when I visit cities with ports. I believe it’s always this longing for travelling, getting to know new places, leaving those you love behind every single time you have to board a ship.

I find them dreamy and romantic, what can I say? I know it must be one of the hardest jobs in the world, being a sailor and working on a ship, but there is also this hidden allure of leaving little pieces of yourself everywhere you go, growing your hunger for the world, for the sea that can take you away and bring you back again.

Little guide for Hamburg:

Eat at Thämer’s.

Drink at the Bullerei.

Shop at the Altona district.

Take a break at the Saltkråkan.














I’m turning into a huge fan of kimonos. Actually, I’m a huge fan since last night that was I browsing online for a couple of beach staples (you know the triptych: bikini – cover-up – sandals) until I stumbled upon a gorgeous kimono. And I can’t stop thinking about them since then (roughly 12 hours that is :) )

Check out this and this – OMG, I’m in love with two kimonos.

It is true that you don’t need ANYTHING else, except for denim and a white shirt, if you cover up in a kimono. But kimonos are not just for casual beach wear or afternoon strolls in the city. They can very well be worn in more formal occasions, such as a summer wedding or a party on a ship. Or something like that anyway – I’ve no idea why you would attend a party on a ship, I have no friends owing a ship (for now that is, I tend to think big!!!)

All pictures from Pinterest.

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What I need from…#19

Topshop’s Limited edition dresses and co-ords.

It has been the case that I’ve declared my great dislike for matchy-matchy outfits in the blog.

However, if I tried co-ords, it means that they are here to stay.

And I’ve just stumbled upon some great ones on Topshop. And not just co-ords, but dresses as well.

Take a look….

BUNDLE_13W05FMUL27A03FMUL_large 35P24EMUL_4_large BUNDLE_13U14FPNK27W15FPNK_large BUNDLE_13U23FMUL27W20FMUL_large BUNDLE_13W19FMUL27W18FMUL_largeBUNDLE_13W14FBLK27W21FMUL_large