Urban spring chic

Wouldn’t that be a great style?

And this lady would nail it.

Praise to her slick hairdo, praise to her perfect pencil skirt, praise to her great decision to wear heels and walk to work.

Love the casual, but love the feminine as well, especially since it is so much more difficult to achieve!!!




They promised us good weather for the whole weekend here in the village (aka Brussels). Promise upheld on Saturday, betrayed on Sunday. The sun did not come out and the clouds do not let it be warmer than 15-16 degrees.

But you know how it is – when life gives you lemons…I feel like I should start drinking much more tequila.





Some days are all Mondays.

Starting the new week with some energy.

In my daily course of work, there are three kinds of days: days with meetings with clients, days without meetings with clients, days with social events following office hours.

Then those days can be broken down to more categories: days when you know your client and they’re cool, days when you know your client and they’re stiff, and days when you don’t know your client (and then you’re stiff – at least I am!)

Today is one of those days with the cool client. Therefore, picking up on last night’s inspiration, I put on this navy-based outfit with booties.

Which I’ve changed for stiletto’s at the office.







Actually, I should have written “lazy”. Because that’s what I’ve been for days now!

Doing much better psychologically, I though I would indulge myself a little bit this past week and give in to all temptations: food, not going to the gym, not making new music, not updating the blog.

Now, I promise I’m going back to all these, dieting included! I give myself 4 months to lose these extra 5-7 kilos I’ve always wanted to get rid of. I know it’s not that challenging, but this is how lazy I am.

The navy theme has nothing to do with laziness, though. I’ve always found it to be super-chic, but with an extra effort, despite the minimalism of it. I’ve always loved blue, both as a colour and as a state of mind, because it reminds me so much of the sea and the sky. And I’m a creature of the sea, no doubt about it.

All pictures fromĀ Pinterest.

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