Now I know what it means to miss New Orleans

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Going through these pics, I can’t shake this feeling that New Orleans is a really special city. It is very much US in some ways, but so not American in many other…the people, the feeling of community, the immense politeness, the food and THE MUSIC made this a unique trip, one that I will probably cherish for the rest of my life.

It was only my second time in the US, having previously been to Los Angeles and San Francisco. I don’t know if you also get this feeling when traveling to the US, but especially for Europeans, it is like playing in a movie: all these things we see on screen suddenly coming to life before our eyes makes us go stupidly touristic!! The same thing happen to me in New Orleans, even in a greater scale!! I wanted to take pictures of every single interesting face I saw, of every little corner of the city that looked pretty, of every burger I tried, of every musician I met on the street (and there were lots…)

I would like to go back one day – maybe not in the summer though, as the only drawback of the trip was the unbelievable heat…

Summer is over for now – I hope you loved yours, I enjoyed mine.

Now, let’s see what autumn has in for us :)


Summer, part I

I’m a little bit over halfway through my holidays. I spent almost three weeks with friends and family and I’m getting ready for a week to New Orleans.

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to visit this magical place in a few days. I’m going there to meet a super good friend of mine and I’m sure I’m going to have an unforgettable time.

I was also amazed by the beautiful things I saw and tasted during my visit back home.

It was a weird summer. I took quite a few life-altering decisions, some for the best, some still to be confirmed :)









What I need from…#20

Band of Outsiders.

The 20th edition of What I need from is a small celebation of style, quality and beautiful clothing.

Band of Outsiders is one of those brands that I got introduced to through fashion blogs and stylish girls around the world.

I knew and loved the Jean-Luc Godard film that inspired the name of the brand, and I got to adore the clothes, because of their unique take on contemporary style.

You can learn a few more things about the brand here.

And for a beautiful summer afternoon, take a listen to this.

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White lace

It’s difficult to make white or cream lace not look as your wedding dress, but if you get it right, it look so so so good.

With the right accessories,you can achieve a great boho look, silver and gold match perfectly with the lace, and you can overdress or underdress the outfit very easily.08be95c43f97cf7bb6f72f644cea914d (1) 9d1442d26a5e3fd2243b3bb4b53d40a3 c13c1bc3c114edea5b0aafcde2df4440 fd8433e5d29775f7c5854fd61d9b820c

I don’t often think about my wedding day. I don’t think about my wedding at all, to be honest, but I do think about what I would wear if that day ever came. And it would most likely be a white or cream lace dress, without too much going on around it, with great silver accessories and a relaxed hairdo.

All pictures from Pinterest.

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Few days before the sun

Double meaning of today’s title: it has been some time now that the village (aka Brussels) is bathing itself in the sun, with temperatures as high as 30 degrees…This means a lot of dresses and breezy clothing (yep, I can confidently say I really liked my style some of these past few days…too bad I was too lazy to take photos of it!!)

The second meaning is that I’m leaving in a few days for the European south as the first part of my summer holidays. Sunny times ahead of us :)





In the heat of the moment

Today is the hottest day of the year here -at least so far- in the village (aka Brussels).

So, I decided to take the sun with me and hang it around my neck.

As for the beach? I took the colour of the sand and put it on my culottes.

I want this day to go by quickly, the night to arrive even faster – ah..those summer nights, I’m such a big sucker for them.

Especially being in the romantic mood I’m right now….





Did I wear the curtains?

I might as well have :)

There are moments in which I channel the child within me or the ’80s or both since I’m a child of the ’80s. And then I go and find these cute jumpers that I would normally never wear outside the house.

But the weather is finally better and we all get a little softer I guess…




It’s actually very rare that I like everything about my outfit on any given date. It might be the accessories, it might be that my skirt is a little bit too short or a little bit too tight, or that when I walk you can see the stupid white socks I put on…
That’s why I was so thrilled to shoot this girl at the bus stop the other day. I loved everything about her look, the shoes, the trench, and, most of all, the posture.