There is one hashtag that has been haunting my Pinterest feed for weeks now: #Anthrofave.

The best of Anthropologie, this magical brand which to me is a little bit more than just fashion – it is a lifestyle.

From shoes and clothes to accessories and home decoration, this hashtag has really offered my major inspiration during the past few weeks. Hope it serves the same purpose for you as well :)

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Una notte a Roma

Last week, work sent me to Rome for a conference. They were so sweet to send me there and so cruel to just give me one night at the eternal city.
I loved it. I’m really looking at my options as to how I could possibly manage to move there for six months or a year. I could say that at this point in life, it is my dream.









What I need from…#22


The October edition.

Anthropologie is one of this brands that did not exist where I grew up. And do not exist in the village (aka Brussels). And did not know of when I lived in London (don’t ask me why).

But it is definitely one I’ve learnt to love and visit as often as I can, most recently during my trip to New Orleans, where autumn clothes look good but feel just a little bit too warm.

Now thaat we have a proper fallin Europe, and coats and knits are starting to make their appearance in our closets bit by bit, I went back to Anthropologie to look for warm colours that mix perfectly with autumn leaves.

I have to admit, surely but slowly I’m getting into a romantic mood, which is a pleasant surprise for me. For usually when the weather changes, melancholy gets to me more than anything else.

I’m gonna say something really cheesy now but life has taught me that it is really true what they say: in order for something new to come to our life, we have to make space. And this is done only by leaving something else behind.


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Is it fall? Then, it’s preppy

Autumn in the city. Yep, cold(er) temperatures are finally here, the inevitable weekend which we spent covered under blankets watching The Age of Innocence (for the third time, cry score: 100%) came and gone and winter clothes came out of their hiding.

If I had to choose one style to go about these chilly rainy days of the village (aka Brussels), it would be preppy. Because it looks polished, but not too formal, feminine, but not too girly, and because I love plaid :)

All pictures from Pinterest.

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Jeanne Damas

I haven’t written anything on the blog on the fashion week season, mostly because I’ve been really busy with work and although I’ve been checking around 100 blog posts on a daily basis (!!!), I have hardly had any will to create posts of my own.

But there was one single image from Paris Fashion Week (and yeah, I’m talking streestyle) that really stayed with me and made me research te girl and her style: Jean Damas in a red sweater with the printed logo “1970” tucked in her denim. I don’t know what it is that captivated me: the fact that she looks like a heroine of a nouvelle vague movie or that it was so simple and refreshing among all the craziness, but I can confidently call it my favourite look of all I’ve seen so far.

The girl has a serious game going on though. Every single image of her I found on Pinterest only made me envy her style more.

And here I leave you with some serious inspiration-porn for Friday night.


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This is a man’s post

Two shaky pictures, so full of style though….

I wouldn’t mind dressing up like these two gentlemen, as I believe no woman would mind their guy dressing up like that.

Refreshing to see style in the streets of the village (aka Brussels) – can’t say it happens that often…let alone with guys! I love the hat on the first pic, the backpack on the second, the jackets on both pictures – a tweed jacket is such a great staple for when autumn comes!!!!

I see many of my girl-friends do the shopping for their guys. I also see them picking up what they should wear every day, pointing out that their shirt has a huge stain on it, or that the pants they’re wearing do not fit them well. I do not know if we are more vain as a species or it just comes down to aesthetics…but I do know that these two looked great.

Merci les mecs :)



I’ve never held The New Yorker. I don’t know what it feels like, if it’s big or small, if its pages are shiny or made our of recycled paper.

I know though that I love the layout of its website, I find it to be so clean, somehow “fit” for the purpose of pleasant reading.

I love the cartoons as well – I even have one hanging on the wall behind me in my office.

I love how the featured stories are long, novel-like.

And I love how they have been publishing fashion stories from their archives – I find them a tremendous source of inspiration.

It’s funny to see that because of the digital age we have experienced more change in the last 10 years (from when Tavi was an up-and-coming blogger), than in the last 80 (from when Coco Chanel was trying to start a fashion revolution).

I know that posts without pictures are not really that popular, but I would really like everyone to take some time and read these amazing pieces :)


By now, I believe most of you have seen this video by Vogue, in which Anna Wintour answers 73 questions on pretty much everything.

I loved her answer on family heirlooms (“my memories”), as well as her breakfast choices (Starbucks).

What I didn’t like was her answer on what she would never wear: head-to-toe black.

And this post is about proving the most powerful woman in fashion wrong. Like totally wrong.

Listen to this while looking at the pictures – black is really the wonder colour…

All pictures from Pinterest.

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The Model

(No I’m not talking about this, although I would definitely do if I had a music blog.)

When I lived in London I used to see models quite often: on the street, next to you in Topshop or Wagamama, at Notting Hill and Soho (Shoreditch was not yet on the map of cool places).

In the village (aka Brussels), it is quite uncommon. It might even be the first time I saw one yesterday on my way back from work. The girl might not even have been a model, but she looked perfect, her hair was absolutely great and she carried this tiny Chanel bag that actually caught my eye at the beginning.