Dear Reader,

A new year has just started and I have no problem bidding 2014 farewell, as it did not treat me particularly well. Although I’ve learnt not to complain much when health issues are not involved, so there you go, this is the most you will hear me complaining.

I had a long and relaxing holiday first in Mexico (you saw a preview here, but I need to catch up on these posts – will happen soon I promise!),then in Greece, then I came back to the village (aka Brussels), then Latvia for a few days for work and now, finally, back to the basi(c)s.

(Fashion resolution for the 2015: wear more stripes. Health: lose 8kg. Culture:go to more museums and concerts – books,cinema are covered thank God. Family and friends:visit/see them more. And a wish: finally make up my mind about stuff).

Although the weather was as delightful as you can imagine,the cold hit me really hard both in Greece (believe it or not!!) and in Latvia.Before embarking on my last trip, I paid a visit to the sale section of Mango and made some important acquisition like this jacket and this sweater.

And then I just stepped in Zara just hoping to find a decent pair of boots for the snow and I stumbled upon these babies which I snagged immediately.

I should also stress how good Zara can be sometimes with basics. My latest folly about stripes was satisfied with two great shirts (here and here), which were complemented by this one, which literally goes with every single thing in my wardrobe!

So, here’s to a new year with some photos from Latvia and some suggestions on places to see and go.

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Eat at the 3 Pavaru

Drink and dance at the Cuba Cafe

Shop at Stockmann


A couple of days ago we arrived in Mexico and started off by visiting the beautiful city of Oaxaca.

Paying a visit to this amazing place is a must for anyone coming to this gorgeous country.

I fell in love with, but also in, Oaxaca. I most definitely recommend it to everyone, l’ll come back with specific tips in the next post. Viva Oaxaca, one of the greatest trips of my life.


















All this time

I hate the fact that time goes by. If you ask me, I can very well define the two moments in my life I would really like time to have stopped – sadly, both a long time ago.

I don’t know if it is my sign (I’m a Cancer!) or just that I get blue easier than other people, but I’m a really big sucker for the nice times that are now gone. The present usually looks like something totally tedious, that day in day out consumes us and leaves us with nothing more than age, melancholy and nostalgia.

Ok, Christmas is also coming up fast, which makes me feel even gloomier.

I haven’t written on the blog for almost a month, which was of course the result of a good amount of work, that drained me from all energy and will to do anything else than stay in bed, but also of the weather which has now turned the village (aka Brussels) into a proper Ice Age experience.

So, in order to get a bit of my mojo back, I’m going to post pictures of girls laughing hard and loud – while being fashionable of course!

Hope you’re all good and having a great Saturday night :)

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I usually do not look “polished”* (my flatmate does though, like all the time and I really envy her for that…)

The main reason I don’t look polished is I don’t try enough. I have never done a manicure in my whole life, never been to a beautician to wax or have my eyebrows shaped, never had a massage, never visited a spa. (I started yoga though this year and I keep going, before you all start throwing stuff at your screen.)

The reason for all the above is mainly my unwillingness to spend money on these things, as I believe (at least so far) that I managed rather well on my own.
I’ve recently started changing my mind though, but this is the content for another post….this one is about a few tricks I have to look polished immediately.

I do have a few tricks though that really make a difference for me:

1. Straight hair: I have lots of curly hair, but not too curly so that I need to visit a salon every time I want a perfectly straight scalp. Don’t ask me why, but straight hair makes me feel and look instantly more seriousĀ (could be from when I was a young girl and people thought I was older when I carried my hair straight). Don’t get me wrong, I love my curly hair, but once or twice a month, when an important meeting or event is happening at work, I might give them a spin.


2. Red nail polish: Funny how nail polish makes me feel “polished”. I bite my nails, so applying nail polish for me is not just a matter of vanity. It’s also a way of saying to myself “well done petite Bruxelloise, you made it through a week without your fingers in your mouth!!!” And although there is a huge variety of colours out there to choose from, I think the most elegant one has been is and will continue to be RED. (I must admit the nudes are also something I like very much to look polished, but helas! They require perfectly manicured hands, something I have not mastered still).


3. An all-black outfit: I know, I know, boring, boring, boring! But with the right accessories, everything can become more interesting. And nothing tells me “put together professional girl” to me than an all-black outfit (preferably with heels :) )


4. Lingerie: This is a strange one as technically noone sees it on weekdays, at least before 8pm… It is incredible though how inspiring and empowering it can be to wear nice underwear – makes me feel like the well-groomed girl I ought to be, and also someone ready for anything coming her way!!

e204f354eea8a36bfec395c838531cae5. A nice pair of shoes: Ok, you must have seen this one coming. You might be wearing the worst outfit ever and just because your shoes are fabulous, you instantly become “stylish”. A pair of black pumps is like the Messiah for difficult shoe situations – they can save every single outfit from limbo. But pretty is not enough, shoes also have to be well-maintained, clean and fresh in order to be able to work their magic. And that’s the tough part!


*Polished meaning like I didn’t just get out of bed

Camel toe

Friday office look.

These shoes are killing me – both in a good and in a bad sense! I love them so much, but I still need to get used to them…which means wearing them a lot around the office, so I can actually break in them!

This is what I do every time I buy a new pair of heels – I take them to the office for trial walks around the flat and carpet-covered floors, before hitting the streets of the village (aka Brussels).

The truth is I miss the nice London pavements so much! Where a girl could actually wear her heels and walk happily around….Brussels is one of the worst places in the world to do that….

Hope you’re all well and getting ready for a nice weekend!




There is one hashtag that has been haunting my Pinterest feed for weeks now: #Anthrofave.

The best of Anthropologie, this magical brand which to me is a little bit more than just fashion – it is a lifestyle.

From shoes and clothes to accessories and home decoration, this hashtag has really offered my major inspiration during the past few weeks. Hope it serves the same purpose for you as well :)

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